Scrubs:  1 hr...........$55.00

Body scrub exfoliates from head to toe. The scrub softens tough skin, eliminates dead cells and impurities which prepares the skin to absorb the benifits of the lotion.


Tooth Fairy:  $40.00

Style your smile with a jewel on your tooth. No drilling, no holes, painless and no harm done to your teeth.

Teeth Whitening:  45 min...........$75.00

Would you like to have whiter, brighter teeth and a more confident smile? Just one twenty minute session is all that is required for most teeth. Moving as much as 3-6 shades. Using LED light in combination with carbamide peroxide gel.



Laser IPL:

Hair removal technology provides gentle noninvasive treatment that is used to eliminate the full range of unwanted hair problems. Bursts of intense light energy and heat damage the hair follicle, causing the treated hair to fall out while sparing the healthy surrounding tissue.
Prices are based on area to be treated.

Book your free consultation.


1 hr...........$42.00

Our professional manicure includes trimming and filing of nails, cuticle treatment, massage, paraffin and polish.

Express Manicure:  30 min...........$32.00

Excellent for those on the go. Shaping, cuticle treatment and polish.



1 hr...........$55.00

A revolution in foot care treatment. This highly flexible, light cured resin can replace, rebuild, seal or protect toenail deficiencies as well as give your toes a beautiful pedicured look with a french light curing overlay.

Pedicure:  1.5 hr...........$60.00

Come and enjoy a rejuvenating experience. Toe care, callous removal, relaxation massage, paraffin and toe polish.

Express Pedicure:  1 hr...........$42.00

Excellent for those on the go. Toe care, callous removal, exfoliation and polish.



Manicure & Pedicure (2.5hrs) $107.10
Manicure, Pedicure & Facial (3.5hrs) $178.50
Manicure, Pedicure, 1 Hr Massage (3.5hrs) $268.50
Manicure, Pedicure, Facial, 1 Hr Massage (4.5hrs) $235.00
Mother & Daughter Gelish (Call for Price)
Little Girls Birthday Parties Gelish on there nails (Call for Price)


Gel Nails:

All About You uses products that are odorless and therefore less harmful to the nail bed and environment.

Item Time Price
Full Set 1 hr 15 min  $70.00
Fill 1 hr 15 min $48.00
Mini Fill 30 min $32.00
Nail Art Design/Rhinestones   $1.00ea. & up
Polish Change 15 min $10.00
Color Tip   $6.00
Gel Nail Removal $25.00 
Polish Change   $12.00
Gelish   $35.00
Gelish Removal   $10.00





A warm cream wax is applied to desired area for epilation, leaving smooth soft skin. 

Item Time Price
Full Leg 1 hr $50.00
Half Leg 30 mins  $33.00
Bikini 15 mins $28.00 & up
Brazilian 30 mins $55.00 & up
Underarm 15 mins $18.00
Arms 30 mins $28.00
Brow 10 mins $15.00
Lip 10 mins $10.00
Chin 10 mins $8.00
Sides of Face 10 mins $15.00
Mens Chest/Back 30 mins $48.00 & up



1 hr...........$68.00

Revitalize your skin with the ultimate in luxury and pampering. Facial includes skin consultation, analysis, cleansing, detox massage, hot towels, exfoliation, toning, upper body massage, customized mask and mosturizing.

Mini Facial:  1 hr...........$33.00

A deep clensing and customizing mask to nourish the skin of those who receive regular facials or clients who desire less intense facials.

Back Facials:  1 hr...........$62.00

Revitalize your skin with the ultimate in luxury and pampering. Facial includes deep cleansing done by circulating brushes, detox massage, steam exfoliation, extractions, toning, massage, customized mask and moisturing. Great for back acne treatments on women and men alike.



Brow and Eyelash Tint:

The brows or lashes may be tinted to enhance your facial features or to just rid yourself of mature hair.

Item Time Price
Brow 15 min $15.00
Eyelashes 20 min  $24.00

Eyelash Perming:  45 min...........$40.00

A treatment which enhances your lash with curls, results last for 6 - 8 weeks.

Eyelash Extension:  ...........$140.00

Eyelash Fill:  ...........$60.00 & up